Germany at war: Berlin on 'significant' alert

Police hunt armed ISIS gunman who killed 12 people in lorry massacre - after security services admit they got the WRONG man 

  • Security sources have told one German newspaper the real killer could still be on loose with a gun 
  • Senior police chief said: 'We have wrong man. Perpetrator is armed, at large and can cause further damage'
  • Arrested Pakistani asylum seeker Naved B, 23, entered country under false name and has criminal record  
  • Asylum seeker was living inside hangar for immigrants at a Berlin airport since raided by commandos at 4am  
  • At least 48 injured and 12 dead after truck mowed down shoppers at 40mph in a busy Christmas market 
  • Three of the dead have not yet been identified but six victims have been confirmed as German citizens 
  • Driver steered at crowds - including children - along 80 metre stretch of pavement packed with stalls  
  • Masked killer fled scene but was pursued by 'hero' witness who chased him on foot and led police to him 
  • Polish-registered lorry understood 'stolen by hijacker', who may have murdered driver Lukasz Urban
  • Angela Merkel says Germany is in 'mourning' - but terror attack could be hammer blow to 2017 election hopes
By Martin Robinson, Uk Chief Reporter and Julian Robinson and Anthony Joseph and Allan Hall In Berlin

The Berlin Christmas market killer may still be on the loose with a gun and ready to inflict 'further damage' 12 hours after an asylum seeker from Pakistan was chased down and arrested, a senior police chief said today.

Detectives interrogating suspect Naved B, 23, have said he has no blood on his clothes, no injuries and denies hijacking a 25-tonne lorry and using it to murder 12 people and injure 48 more last night.  
A security services source, a senior police officer, told die Welt newspaper: 'We have the wrong man. So we have a new situation. The true perpetrator is still armed, at large and can cause further damage.'

Germany’s top prosecutor Peter Frank also said that they cannot rule out that more than one person may be on the run, adding Naved B 'may not have been the perpetrator or belong to the group of perpetrators'. 

At 7pm last night a juggernaut laden with steel cargo turned off its lights and ripped through stalls and shoppers at 40mph on Breitscheidplatz Square, outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the German capital's main shopping area.

Witnesses said victims including children were sent flying like bowling pins and sucked under the wheels leaving 'rivers of blood' as the killer driver steered at them before jumping out of the cab and racing from the scene.  

Police said a 'hero' witness in the Christmas market gave chase on foot while giving officers second-by-second updates on his phone, but some sources say Naved B is the wrong man.

The lorry's original Polish driver, Lukasz Urban, a father of one, was transporting steel beams into Germany, but was found shot in the cab after the crash. The gun has not been found.

The terror attack could be a political disaster for Angela Merkel, who will seek a historic fourth term as German Chancellor next year. The German leader, who left white roses as the scene this afternoon, has staked much of her political capital in opening up Germany's doors to refugees and in doing so divided a reunited land. 

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