Who France Is Blaming For Paris Attacks!!

French government officials speaking in a personal capacity, but surely not without the knowledge of their government, have at least partially blamed US President Barack Obama and his ridiculous approach to the Middle East for the Paris attacks.

Steve Clemons, an editor for the Atlantic, has communicated with French officials who criticized lack of US support in the fight against terror, with one arguing that “ISIS has been incubated for two years with an absence of US leadership, and that the United States needs to take the security of its allies more seriously.”

Clemons said the French government is angry and frustrated, and wondering how in the world this could have happened.

“I got an email this morning saying … [that] ISIS has been incubated for two years with an absence of US leadership,” Clemons reported. “It was a direct implication that we had not done and acted in a way to take action.”

The French suggested that they would soon be invoking NATO articles demanding stronger military action from all nations in the alliances, including America.

And once again, here’s Obama claiming his non-existent strategy had somehow managed to “contain” ISIS, the day before 129 were massacred in Paris.
H/T: Breitbart

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