Sheriff To Obama: "You Breathed Life Into This Ugly Movement."

POSTED BY Steven Tracy
While the Black Lives Matter hate group stomps around un-opposed in their ridiculous racist rhetoric, police departments are finding it hard to find recruits.

The growing violent anti-cop mood in cities across America and the sudden numerous assassinations by Black Live Matter thugs have seen to a shortage of recruits for police departments in every state.

The shortage of recruits isn’t because people are siding with the Black Lives Matter death cult, but because citizens who seek to serve their community through law enforcement are too afraid to do so.

“I saw all this anti-cop propaganda and I was like, ‘who needs this?’ said Antonio, 32, who asked that only his first name appear in media for reasons of safety. He applied and was accepted into the New York police academy, but after witnessing the brutality of the Black Lives Matter cult, he withdrew his application out of fear.



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