Flag Day in America

Come on back Old Glory
Welcome home where you belong

Flying high above the ground
Where She waves proud and strong

Dark clouds may swarm around you
But you wave harder in a storm

We'll have blues sky's again
As long as hope remains the norm

In the end what does it matter
If we choose Fox or CNN

Ours hearts are all that matter
Not the channel we tune in

When we bring our hearts together
We can destroy the enemy within

We can rise above the darkness
We can be proud and strong again

The free man that does nothing
Will not be free for long

Only free men that do something
Will see freedom live on

Old Glory's not just a flag
She's the symbol of who we are

For every one you burn
We will raise a thousand more

She's the symbol of our freedom
A symbol of our soul

The spirit of our lost soldiers
is the wind that makes her roll

So take heed of this warning
Make no mistake

What your seeking to destroy
Is much bigger than your hate
- Ray Tharaldson

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