Defiant Netanyahu to Obama: I will go anywhere to warn about nuclear Iran

Jim Kouri
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accepted House Speaker John Boehner's invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress on February 11th . Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak on the issue of Iran; congressional leaders in both chambers.
Israel's Prime Minister on Sunday said openly and loudly that he will go anywhere in the world where he is invited to speak about the clear and present danger posed by Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons and the threat to Israel, the United States and European nations posed by radical Islam, according to the Middle Eastern news agencies. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a former officer with the Israeli special forces, while not mentioning names left the impression he was referring to his controversial upcoming visit to the United States. 

Although at first the Obama administration seemed to disregard the Netanyahu invitation to address the U.S. Congress which came from House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner and the majority Republicans, President Barack Obama's politically-driven administration officials claimed 
Speaker Boehner committed a faux pas of diplomatic protocol.

Speaker Boehner, the Republican majority in Congress and many Democratic lawmakers wish to increase economic sanctions against the Iranian regime as it continues to defy the international community by developing a nuclear weapon and a delivery system that would increase the radical Islamic nation's aggression against Israel and the United States.

However, despite evidence of Iranian deceit and propaganda, President Obama and his minions in the State Department, led by Secretary John Kerry, believe they will succeed in reaching "a deal" with the world's most prolific supporter of terrorism. Kerry is famous throughout the world for saying he was for funding the war in Iraq before he was against it, during his abysmal presidential campaign. 

During his appearance on local news media in Israel on Sunday, Netanyahu also directly maintained that it is his duty as the leader of the Jewish State to do anything and everything possible to make certain the Iranians never get their hands on a "nuclear weapon." But most of the Sunday morning news shows airing on ABC, CBS, NBC and cable news outlets including MSNBC, appeared to portray Boehner and Netanyahu as being disrespectful towards President Obama.

"The media is comprised largely of ideologically left-leaning news people and it's no secret the left-wing of the Democratic Party favors the Palestinians, with Obama own former campaign worker Jodie Evans taking part in the Free Gaza Flotilla that intended to make Israel look like the bad guys," said former U.S. Marine and police detective Michael Snopes. "The news media's short memories fail to recall the times the Democrats undermined President George W. Bush at every turn" added Snopes. 
Meanwhile, during the weekend, Russian Ambassador to Iran Levan Jagarian said his country is enthusiastic over closer relations with Iran in all enedeavors, especially economically and militarily. 

"We have never given up cooperation with Iran in our foreign and economic policies, which include energy, industrial, transportation, technological and agricultural sectors, and the same policy will be continued by Moscow officials in future," Jagarian said in an interview with the Russian Ria Novosti news agency on Saturday.
"Perhaps Obama and his White House should be more concerned with the Russians and Iranians helping one another than with Netanyahu giving a speech in Congress," said political strategist Evan McNaughten. "Last week the two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase their mutual interests, one of which is quite possibly hurting the United States," he added.

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